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This video is designed to satisfy the employee awareness training requirements for facilities regulated under the various DHS security standards including CFATS, MTSA, TSA Pipeline and DOT.

*MTSA UPDATE - 2014 will be the year that many MTSA Facility Security Plan (FSP) renewals will take place. The USCG requires that the new assessments and plans be completed and submitted for their review at least 60 days prior to their expiration.

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Don Greenwood & Associates provides cost effective solutions for mitigating risk and protecting people, facilities, business assets, and intellectual property, through Assessment, Solutions and Training. Our clients include corporations in services; oil and gas; chemical manufacturing; electrical power and energy; software development; computing technology; pharmaceuticals; and property management; ranging in size from Fortune 100 to start ups. Areas of practice include Homeland Security compliance, training, facility security, asset protection, workplace violence prevention and response, business information and trade secret protection, corporate security organization development, and executive coaching.

Homeland Security Regulations of Immediate Impact:

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TWIC: Transportation Worker Identification Credential >> more
MTSA: Maritime Transportation Security Act >> more
NERC: North American Electric Reliability Council >> more
Emerging: TSA Pipeline Security Standards >> more
Emerging: TSA Rail Security Standards >> more

Security Awareness Training Video Release

***Also Available in Spanish and in PPE

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